Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ready for my Marley

I want a dog. I have wanted one for quite some time now, but the timing or the living situation just hasn't allowed for it. Against my better judgement, I watched "Marley and Me" tonight. Wow. Luckily, it's not against man code to cry during a movie in which an animal gets hurt or dies, because cry I most certainly did. I am now more determined than ever to get my own Marley, though I'll be looking for an alternative name. Just being back home, with my parents' dogs always around, you just realize how nice it is to have that constant love that they so freely provide. Plus, I promised Abby we'd get one, and I think she'll make a pretty good mama! So hopefully I'll have an update on the K-9 front in the near future.

The job is still going well. Mostly because, to me, it doesn't feel a whole lot like a job. Yesterday I "worked" for about 11 hours, but a good chunk of that was covering a doubleheader baseball game. Tough way to make some coin. I also got my first published photograph for a story I wrote about a GED graduation. It's far from good. Anyone want to give me lessons?

I miss my girl a lot. But I bought my plane ticket to Boston a couple of days ago and I'll see her in 24 days!

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