Friday, August 15, 2008

The Other Veal

Ignoring my disdain for the University of Arizona and their whiny football coach, there is one player on that team I cheer for. I posted a few weeks ago about Tennessee Smokie and former Buena Colt pitcher Donald Veal and what he has gone through in his attempted climb to the Major Leagues, but he is not the only brother impressing athletically.

Younger brother Devin is catching headlines of his own as a receiver for the Wildcat football team. Right now, he is home as UofA is conducting part of their training camp on Fort Huachuca. The Tucson Citizen posted a nice article on Devin and his thoughts on training at home.

It is great to see him doing so well. I don't know what I would do if I lost both of my parents, but Devin and Donald continue to make them and everyone from the Sierra Vista community proud.

I also think it is awesome that the Mildcats are having a training camp at Fort Huachuca. It is cool for the kids down there to see that and know what to aspire to.