Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Budgets, biology and a bit of baseball

If it is possible to cover a full gamut of areas in a week's time, then that is certainly what I have done this week.

It started last Saturday. I went up to Phoenix for a relaxing weekend with some friends, but agreed to cover a baseball game for the Arizona Republic while I was up there. So I did. Unfortunately, the story I sent in slipped through the cracks somehow and didn't get published until today, but I understand that at a newspaper that size, these things happen.

When I got back to Sierra Vista on Monday, I had to travel an hour south to Douglas for a Cochise College District Governing Board meeting. I know, you are getting excited just reading this. Before you click on this link for the story, be warned: It's far from the most exciting thing I've written. But I've learned, that while these are not the most entertaining stories to write, for people in these small towns concerned with where every dime of their tax dollars is going, these things are important. In the long run, though, I don't think I'll want to be the one to provide this specific kind of information.

Yesterday was a neat assignment. I went to a kid's science camp that was being held at the local community college, where the middle school-aged kids were introduced to experiments with greater detail and complexity than most would see during the school year. They are doing experiments this week on forensics, DNA, chemistry and making slime among other things. Tomorrow, those rascals get to dissect sharks and rats. I certainly don't regret that I spent my summers at that age playing baseball, but something like this would have been neat to try.

Tomorrow I am talking to National Weather Service gurus about storm chasing. I guess down here, during monsoon season, people drive around when the clouds start rolling in to get an idea of where the heaviest concentration of an incoming storm may hit, and provide an estimation of how much rain it may bring, where flooding may occur, etc. So that should actually be pretty neat, too. I'll include the link once it's published.

Saturday, I am pulling double duty, covering a GED commencement ceremony (yep, apparently they celebrate this accomplishment) and then heading to Bisbee to cover the semi-pro baseball team. Love that ballpark. 100 years old this summer ... pretty incredible.

So yeah, by week's end I will have come full circle. From baseball to budget meeting to biology to storms to GEDs and back to baseball. What a trip. I am certainly learning the craft.

Oh, and on Monday, the enterprise story I did for my cornerstone journalism class last semester about the origin of the large international presence on the ASU golf teams, got printed in this week's State Press summer edition. It was a pretty interesting story, and one that I worked on for quite a long time.

On a side note, the excersise is still going well. Six straight days and counting. 29 to go.

Photo: ASU men's golfer Jesper Kennegard, a native of Sweden. Credit: Damien Maloney | The State Press

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